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The cost vary dependent upon which course is studied, but the main fee for general training and access to a computer for personal use or Internet and E-mail is 2.50 per hour, this includes the CLAIT and IBT2 (see the Can I enter examinations section? for details) courses.

'Learndirect' courses have some free taster courses for basic Information Technology subjects such as 'WebWise' and 'Computers Don't Bite', 'Learndirect' courses vary in level, length and price. For specific info, please speak to a member of the Infonet staff.

We also offer photocopying facilities A4 - 5 pence per copy A3 - 10 pence per copy. Fax facilities cost 50 pence per page in the UK and 1.00 per page overseas.



BBC WebWise

BBC Computers don't bite