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Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations

The CLAIT Scheme

CLAIT stands for Computer Literacy And Information Technology and the CLAIT scheme has been running successfully since 1984.

 Target Population

Anyone who wishes to be able to use computers and Information Technology. This scheme also provides a broad basis for those intending to go on to specialised or more advanced studies.


The scheme sets out to assess the candidate's ability to use computers and Information Technology effectively in a range of applications through the completion of practical tasks. This is called competence based assessment. All students normally cover the following applications:

  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Databases

Some students may also have the opportunity to cover further applications such as:

  • Graphical representation of Data
  • Business Accounting
  • Desk Top Publishing

Your tutor will advise you as to which applications you will be covering but it will depend upon

  • The length of your course
  • Your own individual progress
  • The software at your disposal

 Method of Assessment

Assessment is by means of practical assignments. You will be given lots of practice before you attempt the actual assignment. Assignments are marked by the Local Assessor (normally your tutor). At the end of your course, the assignments are sent to the RSA for external assessment. To qualify for any Element of Certification, candidates must satisfy the RSA Marking Co-ordinator in all the Assessment Objectives and Performance Criteria specified.


To achieve a Certificate denoting a Pass at Stage 1, candidates must qualify for all the Elements of Certification in at least three applications. Candidates who qualify for one or more Elements of Certification in less than three applications will be awarded a profile certificate listing all the Elements in which they have demonstrated competence.

 Registration Fees - free for a limited period

There is a one time registration Fee of 15.40 which includes 1.00 local administration costs. Students are advised to register early on in their training if they require their certificates on completion of the course, as there are some administrative delays involved in general processing.