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BTEC First Diploma Public Services (Pre-Uniform Intermediate Level Course)

One Year Course

Course Content

The First Diploma Pre-Uniform Service course is designed to give young men and women an insight into life in a uniform service. Classroom theory is put into practice in a series of expeditions and practical exercises which develop skills in navigation, teamwork and leadership. The challenging nature of the activities on the course will help improve the studentıs confidence and ability to cope under pressure. Physical fitness is an important aspect of the course, although not a prerequisite for entry.

Compulsory subjects include:

  • Fitness for Service

  • Health, Safety and Hygiene

  • Map Reading and Land Navigation

  • Information Technology

  • Service Skills (Drill and Routine)

  • Study of a Uniformed Service

  • Teamworking and Problem Solving

Method of Assessment

Students are assessed through assignments, observation and practical tests. 

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course but applicants will require a basic level of numeracy and communication skills. They will also need to provide satisfactory references. 


Students who successfully complete this course are eligible for direct entry into the uniformed services in the non-commissioned ranks. Alternatively they can progress to the advanced course. 

(This course is subject to validation)