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Progression after Preparatory Courses and direct entry

Upon successful completion of either of the two preparatory courses and dependant on overall academic ability, students can normally choose to go onto one if the many programmes detailed in the College prospectus.

However, before any final choices concerning future studies are made experienced staff will interview the individual student to ensure that the right decisions are made regarding their future.

Students may be eligible for direct entry to full-time courses;

Direct Entry onto Full-time Programmes

Students who are considered by the College to already possess a sufficient level spoken and written English can enter directly onto any of the range of programmes detailed in the College prospectus. This can include A/AS programmes, BTEC qualifications or any of the HNDs that are offered through our association with De Montfort University.  

English Entry Requirements

Detailed below are the approximate entry requirements for:

A level/BTEC GNVQ Programmes

  • An IELTS score of 5.2 or equivalent to a Cambridge First Certificate Grade C or above, or equivalent.

HND Programmes

  • An IELT score of 5.5 or equivalent or a Cambridge First Certificate Grade A or equivalent.

Students who are able to take any of these qualifications before arriving in the UK greatly improve their chances of success on their chosen study programmes.  

Alternatively, students can sit a College Entrance Test at the appropriate level. In preparation for such tests students should try to familiarise themselves with as many similar tests as possible .  

EFL support classes for students on  a full-time programme

The EFL support available to students on full-time programmes is designed to assist in two major areas:

  • Progression in the student's chosen subject areas.

  • Achievement of university entrance level in English language competence.

To this end all students work towards gaining an IELTS qualification. This qualification is crucial when applying for university courses in the UK and abroad.

Note: Grantham College pays for the IELTS examination (currently over 70) for all overseas students on full-time programmes.

This EFL support is normally provided either through formal sessions of between three and four hours a week of English in addition to chosen subjects or through individual/small group support classes organised by the International Student Officer. The latter sessions can also deal with subject specific problems. for example, assistance with or checking of homework and assignments, or helping individual students in the classroom.


Upon successful completion of a full-time programme at Grantham College, virtually all students chooses to progress onto higher education courses at University.