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Whilst studying at the College students will need to cover a variety of costs. Specific details of the major types of cost, living expenses, tuition fees and accommodation are detailed below. 

Living Expenses

Students will need to allow for food, books, transport, clothing and general expenses. As a guide an amount of approximately 50 per week would normally be sufficient to cover such living expenses. 

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees shown below are, with the exception of the One Term Full Time Preparatory course, all per annum (pa).  

Course Title Cost
One Year Full-time Preparatory Course 3800 pa
One Term Full-time Preparatory Course

Tuition fees for this course include a 500 refundable deposit, which secures a place on a course in the following academic year.



Pre-University Courses

GCSE/GCE A/AS levels, BTEC First and National Diploma, GNVQ Intermediate and Advanced.

3800 pa
Undergraduate Business & Social Care Courses

These fees apply to the BTEC HNDs in Business and Finance and Health and Care. The figures shown include FREE accommodation and are net of bursaries.

6500 pa
Undergraduate Computing & Science Courses

These fees apply to the BTEC HNDs in Computing and Sport. The figures shown include FREE accommodation and are net of bursaries.

7000 pa

Note. AII fees include English Language tuition, an introduction to study in the UK and Grantham College and for first year students, collection from a London Airport.

European Union Students

Students from the European Union are not required to pay the above tuition fees. However, students following undergraduate programmes will be required to pay the same tuition fees as English students. In 2000/2001 this was up to a maximum of 1083.

NB. The fees shown above are currently subjected the approval of the College's Corporate Body

Accommodation Fees

Sedgwick Hall and Sedgwick Mews

As a general guide accommodation fees, excluding meals, for on-site accommodation in 2000-2001, were as follows:

Further Education - Full Year occupancy 4 September 2000 - 3 July 2001

Single Room 2290 pa
Shared Room 1960 pa
Higher Education - Full Year Occupancy 20 September 2000 - 25 May 2001 Single Room 1820 pa
Shared Room 1560 pa

Breakages and damages deposit

In addition to payments for rent students must also pay a refundable deposit of 110 before their room key is issued. As long as they incur no breakages or damage during their stay this is refunded in full at the end of the academic year.

Payment of Fees

Tuition fees can be paid in two equal instalments (September 2001 and January 2002).  

Accommodation fees can be paid in three equal instalments, the first within 4 weeks of arrival and subsequently by post- dated cheques due on 31 December 2001 and 28 March 2002.

For the one Term Preparatory course payment should be made prior to the commencement of the course.

Discount for Pre-payment

A discount of 10% is available on accommodation fees if the full fees for the year are paid in advance, before the end of September 2001. Please note, however, that where students choose to leave on-site accommodation before the end if their agreed tenure they will be charged at the full rate and refunded fees will be adjusted accordingly.