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The College

Grantham College is one of the UK's top Colleges. For the last two years the College has been ''Number 1" for Student Achievement in England and has acquired an enviable reputation for the quality of its provision.

The College has been recruiting overseas students for over 20 years and has developed a unique environment in which students thrive. The College has its own purpose-built, on-site residential accommodation. Currently there are approximately 60 international students at Grantham College, a figure that represents about 8% of the total full-time student body. The number of international students at Grantham College is kept intentionally low to enable overseas students to have the fullest opportunity to mix with British students to improve their language skills, and to experience at first hand the excitement and challenge of living in a different country.  

In the past, students have come from all over the world to study in Grantham; not only from the European Union, but also from Hong Kong, China, Malaysia,  Thailand, India, Africa, Sri Lanka and Singapore. Individually and collectively, they make a vital contribution to the life of the college's international community.

The College has much to offer students. The dedicated teaching staff are committed to helping each student realise their full potential, whilst the college's tutorial system ensures that individual help is available whenever required. In these instances, where students require additional support the College's student welfare team are well equipped to respond with professionalism and care.  

Facilities available to overseas students include an extensive modern computer network, well-stocked library, science laboratory and sports facilities. Purpose-built on-campus residential accommodation allows students to live in a safe, high quality environment.  

Cultural Programme

Grantham College believes it is important that international students experience British culture to the full. With this in mind a range of cultural activities are organised each year, these are designed to help students acclimatise to the study and living environment of the UK. In the past trips have been organised to places of local interest (such as Lincoln, Newark Nottingham, Belvoir Castle and Belton House) as well as places further afield, e.g. London and York. In addition, the College arranges entertainment throughout the year including an initial welcome party and an annual Christmas party for overseas students. These activities are provided FREE if charge to students.  

Where appropriate International Students also receive assistance with day-to-day items such as registering with a local doctor, opening a bank account and arranging visa renewals. In short the staff at Grantham College aim to make a student's time at the College as enjoyable and productive as possible.


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