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One Term Full-time Preparatory Course

Course Content

This is an intensive 12 week EFL course aimed primarily at those students who already have a good knowledge of English but who wish to improve their language and study skills further, in order to begin a full-time course at the College the following September. Accordingly the course is normally scheduled during the College's last term (May to July).  

As part of this programme students cover not only English skills but also Information Technology, Mathematics and Business Studies. There is also the opportunity to take part in taster classes in a variety of other subject areas (e.g. Accounting, Art and Design, Economics etc). These taster courses allow students to ensure that their choices for future further studies are appropriate.  

Entry Requirements

To join this course students will normally be expected to possess either an IELTS score of 4.5 or equivalent or a Cambridge PET level (PASS).