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Arts & Crafts




Wednesday            6.30pm-8.30pm            £38            10 wks

RGA00760            (To start 17/01/2001)


A chance to learn about the fascinating art of fine writing.

Drawing & Painting - Watercolour

Wednesday            1.00pm-3.00 pm             £38            10 wks

RGA00040            (To start 17/01/2001)


Suitable for all abilities, this course covers a variety of techniques including drawing in pencil, pen, ink and wash, watercolour painting and colour mixing as well as special effects.

A popular course – book early.

Drawing & Painting – Watercolour for BEGINNERS

Thursday            10.00am-12.00 noon            £38            10 wks

RGA00070            (To start 18/01/2001)


This beginners level course is designed to guide you through a variety of stages and techniques in pencil, tone, line and form to producing finished artwork in watercolour. If you have always wanted to learn how to draw and paint with confidence, here’s your chance.

Drawing & Painting - Beginners

Monday            6.30pm-8.30pm            £38            10 wks

RGA00770            (To start 15/01/2001)


This class is aimed at beginners who want to learn the basic techniques of drawing and painting.

Be Creative with Mixed Media

Wednesday            9.00am-12.00noon            £57            10 wks

RGA00030            (To start 17/01/2001)


On this course you will have the opportunity to experiment and be creative in a variety of different media including: drawing, painting – watercolour, oils / acrylic pastels, pen and ink, montage and decorative paint techniques. This exciting course will be taught in stages to allow students to produce finished artwork. Give it a go!