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Basic Counselling

EMFEC Certificate - Stage 2

Wednesday            6.00pm-9.00pm            £77            10 wks

PGA25100            (To start 10/01/01)


If you have already completed Stage 1 of the EMFEC Certificate this course represents a logical progression introducing, as it does, some of the major counselling theories.

Certificate in Counselling (Centra)

Monday            6.00pm-9.00pm            £250            36 wks

PGA25121            (To start 15/01/2001)


The CENTRA Certificate is an intermediate level person centred course, which will suitable for those who wish to develop counselling skills.

Health Promotion - Foundation

Wednesday            6.00pm-8.00pm            £40            10 wks

PGA10050            (To start 31/01/01)


The Health Promotion Foundation course is designed for anyone who is working, paid or voluntary, in the field of community care.

Midday Supervisorís Certificate - NCFE 3573

Monday            7.00pm-9.00pm            £40            15 wks

PGA10070            (To start 29/01/01)            


This course will assist anyone who is working, or wishes to work as a midday supervisor in a primary or secondary school.

Supporting Childrenís Learning - NCFE3568

WED               6.00pm-9.00pm            £70            20 wks

PGA10080            (To start 31/01/01)    


Supporting Childrenís Learning is designed for parents and others who have an interest in the education and development of young children