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Computing for the Terrified

Wednesday            6.45pm-7.45pm            20            10 wks

RGA00180            (To start 17/01/2001)

Wednesday            8.00pm-9.00pm            20            10 wks

RGA00190            (To start 17/01/2001)

Thursday             10.00am-11.00am            20            10 wks

RGA00200            (To start 18/01/2001)

Thursday            11.00am-12.00noon            20            10 wks

RGA00210            (To start 18/01/2001)

Thursday             6.45pm-7.45pm            20            10 wks

RGA00220             (To start 18/01/2001)

Thursday             8.00pm-9.00pm            20            10 wks

RGA00230            (To start 18/01/2001)

Friday              11.00am-12.00noon            20            10 wks

RGA00670            (To start 19/01/2001)

Friday              12.00noon-1.00pm            20            10 wks

RGA00680            (To start 19/01/2001)


This course is for people with little or no knowledge of computers. Students begin by getting to know the computer system and gradually build up knowledge and confidence. You will learn how to create documents, enter and format text, save your work and print.

Computing for the Retired

Friday             1.30pm-2.30pm              20            10 wks

RGA00240            (To start 19/01/2001)

Friday             2.30pm-3.30pm            20            10 wks

RGA00250            (To start 19/01/2001)


A course for the complete beginner. Learn all the basics of computing in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Developing Computer Skills

Wednesday            6.00pm-8.00pm            46            8 wks

RGA00260            (To start 17/01/2001)


This course is for those people who have access to a computer, can use Windows, and would like to develop their skills, particularly in the areas of Desktop Publishing and Internet Technologies.  The course is particularly suitable for small businesses looking to produce brochures or leaflets.

Certificate in

Computer Maintenance

Wednesday            6.00pm-9.00pm            48            18 wks

PGS70021            (To start 31/01/01)


An introductory course ideal for anyone wishing to gain greater knowledge of how to maintain computers on a small scale basis.

Computer Literacy and Information Technology 1 (CLAIT)

Monday               6.00pm-8.00pm            73            18 wks

PGB50040            (To start 29/01/01)                        

Tuesday            11.15am-1.15pm            73            18 wks

PGB50050            (To start 30/01/01)            

Tuesday            6.00pm-8.00pm            73            18 wks

PGB50060            (To start 30/01/01)            

Wednesday            6.00pm-8.00pm            73            18 wks

PGB50010            (To start 31/01/01)            

Thursday            9.00am-11.00am            73            18 wks

PGB50020            (To start 01/02/01)            

Thursday            6.00pm-8.00pm            73            18 wks

PGB50030            (To start 01/02/01)            


CLAIT is a nationally  recognised qualification which will enable you to use a computer effectively both in business and in the home.


Computer Literacy and Information Technology II (IBT 2)

Thursday            6.00pm-8.00pm            80            18 wks

PGB50080            (To start 01/02/01)            

Thursday            9.00am-11.00am            80            18 wks

PGB50070            (To start 01/02/01)


The IBT 2 course is a direct progression from CLAIT and will be of interest to those students who wish to extend their computing skills further.   

Desktop Publishing 2 - RSA

Thursday            11.15am-1.15pm            51            18 wks

PGB50120            (To start 01/02/01)            

Thursday            6.00pm-8.00pm            51            18 wks

PGB50130            (To start 01/02/01)       


This course is designed for anyone who wishes to produce professionally presented documents using desktop publishing facilities.

Desktop Publishing 3 - RSA

Tuesday            1.45pm-3.45pm            54            18 wks

PGB50140             (To start 30/01/01)            

Tuesday            6.00pm-8.00pm            54            18 wks

PGB50150            (To start 30/01/01)


Desktop Publishing 3 is suitable for anyone who is already competent in the use of desktop publishing software and who wishes to enhance their existing skills.

Internet Technologies - RSA 1

Tuesday            6.00pm-8.00pm            81            18 wks

PGB50190            (To start 30/01/01)            

Wednesday       9.00am-11.00am            81            18 wks

PGB50180            (To start 31/01/01)


This programme enables participants to acquire and demonstrate skills in using the internet for communication, information gathering and publishing infoirmation.

New Technology Skills 1 - Beginners

Wed,Thu & Fri 9.00am-2.45pm            20            16 wks

PGB50240            (To start 31/01/01)            

New Technology Skills 2 - Returners

Mon, Tue & Wed 9.00am-2.45pm            20            16 wks

PGB50250            (To start 29/01/01)    


The New Technology Skills programme is aimed at anyone seeking employment or wishing to retrain. It provides all the skills required to operate in a modern computerised environment.

Powerpoint Introduction

Wednesday            11.15am-1.15pm            72            18 wks

PGB50160            (To start 31/01/01)            

Wednesday            6.00pm-8.00pm            72            18 wks

PGB50170            (To start 31/01/01)


These courses are suitable for anyone who wishes to use presentation graphics software to prepare professional quality presentations incorporating text and images        

An Introduction to Web Design

Thursday            6.00pm-8.00pm            46            8 wks

RGA00270             (To start 25/01/01)


This course is aimed at anyone with little, or no web design experience, who would like to design their own web page. To get the most from the course students should be computer literate.