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The cost for each course, wherever possible is all inclusive. However, for some courses, additional examination/registration fees may be payable at a later date in the course. You will be advised of any additional costs by your tutor.

Where course fees total no more than 100, they must be paid in full at enrolment. For fees over the 100, the College offers an installment service. Details are available upon request.

If your employer is paying your fees, you should support your enrolment with a letter from your employer or be able to give the full address, and the name of the person to be invoiced.



If you are in receipt of certain benefits, or of an appropriate age, you may be elligible for a substantial reduction in tuition fees.

For Recreational Courses, denoted by *, people aged 60 plus years, anyone under 18 years of age, and those in receipt of family credit, disability benefit, job seekers allowance or income support, pay half the listed fee.

For Vocational Courses, the following concessions apply;


Category Reduction
Council Tax Benefit - Unwaged dependants of anyone on Means-tested Benefit - Working Families Tax Credit - Housing Benefit - Disability Working Allowance - Income Support - Job Seekers Allowance 100%
Persons over 65 years of age - Persons over 16 years of age and under 19 years of age on 1st September 2000 for courses other than primary learning goal 50%
On certain courses where students pay their own fees in full at the time of enrolment


To take advantage of these reduced fees, you will need to produce proof of entitlement when you enrol.


Refunds for recreational courses will not normally be given unless the College closes the class. In the case of vocational courses, any request for a refund must, in the first instance, be made in writing to the College Registrar. The date of withdrawal will be taken as the date on which the request is received by the College.


Information on courses on this site is correct at the time of preparation and may be subject to change. Days and times of classes should be confirmed on enrolment. In the case of the College having to cancel classes, responsibility is limited to the refund of fees for that academic year.