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Health and Healing



Indian Head Massage

Tuesday            6.30pm-8.00pm            23            8 wks

RGA00550            (To start 14/01/01)




Reflexology - Part 2

Thursday            6.00pm-8.00pm            535            24 wks

PGB40100            (To start 04/01/01)  


This short course in the ancient art of Indian head massage leads to a nationally recognised qualification.An opportunity to develop existing reflexology skills or to progress from the Introduction to Reflexology course.

Tai Chi

Tuesday            7.00pm-9.00pm            38            10 wks

RGA00450             (at Castlegate Drama Centre starting 16/01/01)

Thursday            7.00pm-9.00pm            38            10 wks

RGA00460            (at Castlegate Drama Centre starting 18/01/01)


Tai Chi is a martial art based upon the principles of relaxation and balance. The exercises involved in Tai Chi bring body, mind and spirit to a balanced state of well being.


Monday            6.30pm-8.00pm             29            10 wks

RGA00360              (at The Central School starting 8/01/01)          

Monday            8.00pm-9.30pm            29            10 wks

RGA00370              (at The Central School starting 8/01/01)

Wednesday             7.00pm-9.00pm            38            10 wks

RGA00380              (at The Central School starting 10/01/01)        

Wednesday            7.30pm-9.00pm             29            10 wks

RGA00390             (at Belton Lane Primary School starting 17/01/01)  Thursday            7.30pm-9.00pm             29            10 wks

RGA00400             (at Barrowby Memorial Hall starting 18/01/01) 


Enhance and improve your enjoyment of life with yoga. This famous system uses a variety of exercises, awareness of breathing and relaxation to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring along a mat. Suitable for students of all abilities.