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Personal Development



Improve your Presentation Skills

Monday            6.30pm-8.00pm            15            5 wks

RGA00530            (To start 15/01/2001)


Presentation skills are an advantage in many situations. This course will build your confidence and enable you to present your ideas to large or small groups. You will cover: voice, language and stance, matching subject and audience, planning and timing, body language and preparing for audience questions.

Assertiveness & Confidence Building

Monday            6.30pm-8.30pm            15            5 wks

RGA00750            (To start 26/02/01)


This course is designed to improve your confidence and teaches how to deal with a variety of situations assertively.

Understanding Finance

Thursday            7.00pm-9.00 pm            23            6 wks

RGA00740            (To start 18/01/01)


This course is aimed at non-financial managers, students pursuing a finance related course and members of the public who are interested in learning more about general finance and the stock market.