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Sport & Fitness



Badminton - Beginners and Improvers

Thursday            6.30pm-8.00pm            £29            10 wks

RGA00330            (To start 18/01/2001)


A chance for beginners to learn the basic strokes (backhand and forehand) as well as serving, scoring and tactics. This course also provides an opportunity for improvers to enhance their game.

Badminton - Improvers

Tuesday            8.00pm-9.30pm             £29            10 wks

RGA00350            (To start 16/01/2001)


This course will help to improve existing skills and extend the variety of strokes needed to play a more advanced game.


Badminton - Advanced

Monday            6.30pm-8.00pm             £29            10 wks

RGA00340            (To start 15/01/2001)


This class is for players of match play standard who would like the opportunity of further tuition and competitive play.


Golf - Improvers

Tuesday            6.30pm-7.30pm            £30            8 wks

RGA00430            (To start 16/01/2001)


Come along and get professional tuition, at Belton Woods Golf Club, as you practice on the driving range.

Menís Keep Fit

Tuesday            6.00pm-8.00pm            £38            10 wks

RGA00410            (To start 16/01/2001)


Combine general keep fit with circuit training, five-a-side football and body workouts.

Womenís Keep Fit

Thursday            7.00pm-8.30pm            £29            10 wks

RGA00420            (To start 11/01/2001)


Run by a Keep Fit Association regional trainer, this class will set out to improve posture, balance, and aim at a full range of movement in all the joints. The course is run in a friendly atmosphere where keep fit is fun and individuals progress at their own rate.


Monday            8.00pm-9.30pm            £29            10wks

RGA00320            (To start 15/01/2001)


Come and try this popular new sport. A team game which resembles netball and American football where the ball is replaced by a flying disc.