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Welcome to YES 4 LEARNING your guide to the adult learning opportunities available at Grantham College for Spring 2001. In this brochure you will find details of a variety of leisure, vocational and academic programmes all of which are tailored to meet your needs.


If you simply want to study for fun our Recreational Courses are ideal. Previously offered under the “Take the Plunge” banner, they cover a diverse range of topics. On the other hand if you’re looking to enhance your career prospects in 2001, then get off to a flying start by studying for a nationally recognised qualification on one of our Vocational Courses. These programmes all lead to nationally recognised qualifications. Day-time, evening, and drop-in programmes are offered, so you can choose exactly how you want to study.


Studying at Grantham College has always represented great value but this Spring,for those students who cannot take advantage of existing concessionary rates, we're running a Sign Up Now promotion and get a 20% discount on your tuition fees.


Whether you want to study for pleasure, enhance you career prospects or simply develop a new interest and socialise, there has never been a better time to start. Why not come along and have a go!



How can you join?

You can enrol on any of the programmes in this brochure in the following ways:

  •         By Telephone - You may enrol using credit/debit cards

ENROLMENT HOTLINE: 01476 400250.

  •         By Calling in - Enrolments can be made at the College Reception during term-time:

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 7.30pm, Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm.

NB. The College is closed for Christmas from 23/12/00 to 01/01/01 inclusive.


  •         By Post - Send your completed enrolment form with your payment to:

Grantham College, Stonebrige Road, Grantham, Lincolnshire NG31 9AP.

Enrolment forms are available on request.


As part of the national "Sign up Now" campaign, we’re offering you the opportunity to substantially reduce your tuition fees. Enrol before 08/01/2001 and you’ll receive a 20% discount. 

Note: This discount does not apply to concessionary rates.



Timetable TBA    Times TBA    FREE            35 wks

PGA25040    (To start 29/01/2001) 

Access to Higher Education is a flexible programme which gives adults who do not have formal qualifications the opportunity to go on to higher education.



Step into the Future

(Pre-Access/Adult Study Skills)

Tues & Wed            10.00am-3.00pm            FREE            17 wks

PGA25020            (To start 30/01/01)

Step into the Future is designed for adults who plan either to return to further education or who wish to update their CV.



Arts & Crafts



Wednesday            6.30pm-8.30pm            £38            10 wks

RGA00760            (To start 17/01/2001)

A chance to learn about the fascinating art of fine writing.



Drawing & Painting - Watercolour

Wednesday            1.00pm-3.00 pm             £38            10 wks

RGA00040            (To start 17/01/2001)

Suitable for all abilities, this course covers a variety of techniques including drawing in pencil, pen, ink and wash, watercolour painting and colour mixing as well as special effects.

A popular course – book early.



Drawing & Painting – Watercolour for BEGINNERS

Thursday            10.00am-12.00 noon            £38            10 wks

RGA00070            (To start 18/01/2001)

This beginners level course is designed to guide you through a variety of stages and techniques in pencil, tone, line and form to producing finished artwork in watercolour. If you have always wanted to learn how to draw and paint with confidence, here’s your chance.



Drawing & Painting - Beginners

Monday            6.30pm-8.30pm            £38            10 wks

RGA00770            (To start 15/01/2001)

This class is aimed at beginners who want to learn the basic techniques of drawing and painting.



Be Creative with Mixed Media

Wednesday            9.00am-12.00noon            £57            10 wks

RGA00030            (To start 17/01/2001)

On this course you will have the opportunity to experiment and be creative in a variety of different media including: drawing, painting – watercolour, oils / acrylic pastels, pen and ink, montage and decorative paint techniques. This exciting course will be taught in stages to allow students to produce finished artwork. Give it a go!



Beauty Therapy

Nail art VTCT

Monday 7.00pm-8.30pm               £120            12 wks

PGB40060                                      (To start 11/03/01) 

This course is designed for anyone who would like to extend their manicure skills into the increasingly popular area of nail art.





Chartered Institute of Marketing - Certificate

Tuesday            6.00pm-9.00pm            £480            36 wks

PGB60091            (To start 09/01/01)

Marketing is an increasingly important aspect of business and the Certificate in Marketing provides the first step towards achieving full membership of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.



Chartered Institute of Marketing - Advanced Certificate

Wednesday            6.00pm-9.00pm            £480            36 wks

PGB60101            (To start 10/01/01)

Thie CIM Advanced Certificate builds on  knowledge gained at Certificate level but is also appropriate for those who already have relevant previous experience.



IAB Diploma in

Computerised Book-keeping

Wednesday            6.00pm-8.00pm            £44            12 wks

PGB35140            (To start 07/03/01)

This short course works towards an International Association of Book-keepers Diploma . To join this course you should already have a knowledge of the principles of manual book-keeping.



IAB Diploma in

Payroll  Adminstration

Wednesday            6.00pm-8.00pm            £44            12 wks

PGB35150            (To start 10/01/01)

This short course will prove useful if you are considering entering a career in payroll adminstration or are already employed in a wages department.



NEBS Certificate in

Supervisory Management

Tuesday            6.00pm-9.00pm            £165            36 wks

PGB60081                (To start 09/01/01)

The NEBS Certificate is a two year first line management course designed to set you firmly on the management ladder.



Preparation for

Business Certificate - NCFE 7430

Thursday            6.00pm-9.00pm            £20            10 wks

PGW90030            (To start 17/01/2001)

This short course will help you prepare for work in a variety of business environments.





Basic Counselling

EMFEC Certificate - Stage 2

Wednesday            6.00pm-9.00pm            £77            10 wks

PGA25100            (To start 10/01/01)

If you have already completed Stage 1 of the EMFEC Certificate this course represents a logical progression introducing, as it does, some of the major counselling theories.



Certificate in Counselling (Centra)

Monday            6.00pm-9.00pm            £250            36 wks

PGA25121            (To start 15/01/2001)

The CENTRA Certificate is an intermediate level person centred course, which will suitable for those who wish to develop counselling skills.



Health Promotion - Foundation

Wednesday            6.00pm-8.00pm            £40            10 wks

PGA10050            (To start 31/01/01)

The Health Promotion Foundation course is designed for anyone who is working, paid or voluntary, in the field of community care.




Midday Supervisor’s Certificate - NCFE 3573

Monday            7.00pm-9.00pm            £40            15 wks

PGA10070            (To start 29/01/01)            

This course will assist anyone who is working, or wishes to work as a midday supervisor in a primary or secondary school.



Supporting Children’s Learning - NCFE3568

WED               6.00pm-9.00pm            £70            20 wks

PGA10080            (To start 31/01/01)            

Supporting Children’s Learning is designed for parents and others who have an interest in the education and development of young children.





Cookery Skills & Techniques

Tuesday            6.45pm-8.45pm            £23            6 wks              

RGA00710            (To start 16/01/2001)

An opportunity to learn the skills and techniques involved in catering and how to successfully recover from potential disasters!



Chinese Cookery

Monday            6.45pm-8.45pm            £38      10 wks

RGA00720            (To start 15/01/2001)

This course is designed to introduce you to the delights of Chinese cookery.



Sugarcraft & Royal Icing

Tuesday            9.00am-11.00am            £38            10 wks

RGA00110            (To start 16/01/2001)

Monday            6.30pm-8.30pm            £38            10 wks

RGA00120            (To start 15/01/2001)

Learn the basic techniques of this fascinating craft and develop skills in piping, pressure piping, brush embroidery and sugar flower work.


  •         A range of vocational Catering courses are also available.





Computing for the Terrified

Wednesday            6.45pm-7.45pm            £20            10 wks

RGA00180            (To start 17/01/2001)

Wednesday            8.00pm-9.00pm            £20            10 wks

RGA00190            (To start 17/01/2001)

Thursday             10.00am-11.00am            £20            10 wks

RGA00200            (To start 18/01/2001)

Thursday            11.00am-12.00noon            £20            10 wks

RGA00210            (To start 18/01/2001)

Thursday             6.45pm-7.45pm            £20            10 wks

RGA00220             (To start 18/01/2001)

Thursday             8.00pm-9.00pm            £20            10 wks

RGA00230            (To start 18/01/2001)

Friday              11.00am-12.00noon            £20            10 wks

RGA00670            (To start 19/01/2001)

Friday              12.00noon-1.00pm            £20            10 wks

RGA00680            (To start 19/01/2001)


This course is for people with little or no knowledge of computers. Students begin by getting to know the computer system and gradually build up knowledge and confidence. You will learn how to create documents, enter and format text, save your work and print.



Computing for the Retired

Friday             1.30pm-2.30pm              £20            10 wks

RGA00240            (To start 19/01/2001)

Friday             2.30pm-3.30pm            £20            10 wks

RGA00250            (To start 19/01/2001)

A course for the complete beginner. Learn all the basics of computing in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.



Developing Computer Skills

Wednesday            6.00pm-8.00pm            £46            8 wks

RGA00260            (To start 17/01/2001)

This course is for those people who have access to a computer, can use Windows, and would like to develop their skills, particularly in the areas of Desktop Publishing and Internet Technologies.  The course is particularly suitable for small businesses looking to produce brochures or leaflets.



Certificate in

Computer Maintenance

Wednesday            6.00pm-9.00pm            £48            18 wks

PGS70021            (To start 31/01/01)            

An introductory course ideal for anyone wishing to gain greater knowledge of how to maintain computers on a small scale basis.



Computer Literacy and Information Technology 1 (CLAIT)

Monday               6.00pm-8.00pm            £73            18 wks

PGB50040            (To start 29/01/01)                        

Tuesday            11.15am-1.15pm            £73            18 wks

PGB50050            (To start 30/01/01)            

Tuesday            6.00pm-8.00pm            £73            18 wks

PGB50060            (To start 30/01/01)            

Wednesday            6.00pm-8.00pm            £73            18 wks

PGB50010            (To start 31/01/01)            

Thursday            9.00am-11.00am            £73            18 wks

PGB50020            (To start 01/02/01)            

Thursday            6.00pm-8.00pm            £73            18 wks

PGB50030            (To start 01/02/01)            

CLAIT is a nationally  recognised qualification which will enable you to use a computer effectively both in business and in the home.



Computer Literacy and Information Technology II (IBT 2)

Thursday            6.00pm-8.00pm            £80            18 wks

PGB50080            (To start 01/02/01)            

Thursday            9.00am-11.00am            £80            18 wks

PGB50070            (To start 01/02/01)

The IBT 2 course is a direct progression from CLAIT and will be of interest to those students who wish to extend their computing skills further.               



Desktop Publishing 2 - RSA

Thursday            11.15am-1.15pm            £51            18 wks

PGB50120            (To start 01/02/01)            

Thursday            6.00pm-8.00pm            £51            18 wks

PGB50130            (To start 01/02/01)            

This course is designed for anyone who wishes to produce professionally presented documents using desktop publishing facilities.



Desktop Publishing 3 - RSA

Tuesday            1.45pm-3.45pm            £54            18 wks

PGB50140             (To start 30/01/01)            

Tuesday            6.00pm-8.00pm            £54            18 wks

PGB50150            (To start 30/01/01)            

Desktop Publishing 3 is suitable for anyone who is already competent in the use of desktop publishing software and who wishes to enhance their existing skills.


Internet Technologies - RSA 1

Tuesday            6.00pm-8.00pm            £81            18 wks

PGB50190            (To start 30/01/01)            

Wednesday       9.00am-11.00am            £81            18 wks

PGB50180            (To start 31/01/01)

This programme enables participants to acquire and demonstrate skills in using the internet for communication, information gathering and publishing infoirmation.


New Technology Skills 1 - Beginners

Wed,Thu & Fri 9.00am-2.45pm            £20            16 wks

PGB50240            (To start 31/01/01)            

New Technology Skills 2 - Returners

Mon, Tue & Wed 9.00am-2.45pm            £20            16 wks

PGB50250            (To start 29/01/01)            

The New Technology Skills programme is aimed at anyone seeking employment or wishing to retrain. It provides all the skills required to operate in a modern computerised environment.



Powerpoint Introduction

Wednesday            11.15am-1.15pm            £72            18 wks

PGB50160            (To start 31/01/01)            

Wednesday            6.00pm-8.00pm            £72            18 wks

PGB50170            (To start 31/01/01)

These courses are suitable for anyone who wishes to use presentation graphics software to prepare professional quality presentations incorporating text and images            



An Introduction to Web Design

Thursday            6.00pm-8.00pm            £46            8 wks

RGA00270             (To start 25/01/01)

This course is aimed at anyone with little, or no web design experience, who would like to design their own web page. To get the most from the course students should be computer literate.





Ballroom, Latin American & Disco Dancing for Children

Monday            7.00pm-8.00pm            £19            10 wks

RGA00690            (at St Annes Church Hall starting 15/01/01)

A class for children aged 6-13 years who want to master the steps of traditional and modern dance.



Ballroom, Latin & Sequence  Beginners

Thursday            7.15pm-8.15pm            £19            10 wks

RGA00490            (Starting 18/01/01 at The Shirley Croft Hotel)

Learn to dance – it’s easy – it’s fun – it keeps you fit. Couples only.



Ballroom, Latin & Sequence Advanced

Wednesday            8.30pm-10.00pm            £29            10 wks

RGA00480            (at The Shirley Croft Hotel starting 17/01/01)

For the advanced dancer – additional variations and amalgamations taught to complement your dancing. Couples only.



Ballroom Latin & Sequence - Level 1

Wednesday            7.15pm-8.30pm            £24            10 wks

RGA00470            (at The Shirley Croft Hotel starting 17/01/01)

Mastered the basic steps? Learn some easy and attractive variations to add to your dancing.  Couples only.



Ballroom, Latin & Sequence - Level 2

Thursday            8.15pm-9.45pm            £29            10 wks

RGA00500            (at The Shirley Croft Hotel starting 18/01/01)

For the intermediate dancer – continue to express your dancing with attractive figures and easy variations.  Couples only.



Rock & Roll

Monday            8.00pm-9.00pm            £19            10 wks

RGA00700            (at St Annes Church Hall starting 15/01/01)

Join this class and master the steps of Rock and Roll. Couples only.





Computer Aided Drawing - C&G2301/4351

Mon &Thu            6.00pm-9.00pm            £120            18 wks

PGS80220            (To start 29/01/01)            

The course gives you a basic introduction to CAD techniques and procedures.



Inspection, Testing &

Certification of Electrical Installations - C&G 2391

Tuesday            6.00pm-9.00pm            £100            10 wks

PGS80150            (To start 09/01/01)

The City & Guilds 2391 certificate is a recognised qualification for personnel working in electrical contracting companies who have responsibilities for the quality of the inspection, testing and certification process.



Health and Healing


Indian Head Massage

Tuesday            6.30pm-8.00pm            £23            8 wks

RGA00550            (To start 14/01/01)

This short course in the ancient art of Indian head massage leads to a nationally recognised qualification.


Reflexology - Part 2

Thursday            6.00pm-8.00pm            £535            24 wks

PGB40100            (To start 04/01/01)            

An opportunity to develop existing reflexology skills or to progress from the Introduction to Reflexology course.


Tai Chi

Tuesday            7.00pm-9.00pm            £38            10 wks

RGA00450             (at Castlegate Drama Centre starting 16/01/01)

Thursday            7.00pm-9.00pm            £38            10 wks

RGA00460            (at Castlegate Drama Centre starting 18/01/01)

Tai Chi is a martial art based upon the principles of relaxation and balance. The exercises involved in Tai Chi bring body, mind and spirit to a balanced state of well being.



Monday            6.30pm-8.00pm             £29            10 wks

RGA00360              (at The Central School starting 8/01/01)          

Monday            8.00pm-9.30pm            £29            10 wks

RGA00370              (at The Central School starting 8/01/01)

Wednesday             7.00pm-9.00pm            £38            10 wks

RGA00380              (at The Central School starting 10/01/01)        

Wednesday            7.30pm-9.00pm             £29            10 wks

RGA00390             (at Belton Lane Primary School starting 17/01/01)  Thursday            7.30pm-9.00pm             £29            10 wks

RGA00400             (at Barrowby Memorial Hall starting 18/01/01) 

Enhance and improve your enjoyment of life with yoga. This famous system uses a variety of exercises, awareness of breathing and relaxation to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring along a mat. Suitable for students of all abilities.





Building the Kingdoms of Ancient Egypt from Mud Bricks to Monoliths

Wednesday             7.00pm-9.00pm             £38            10 wks

RGA00520            (To start 17/01/2001)

Explore and understand pyramids, temples, the rituals and lives of the Egyptians. What did they eat and what did they feed their Gods? How were they different from us and how were they similar?




& Catering


Intermediate Food Hygiene & Handling - CIEHO

Thursday            7.00pm-9.00pm            £65            9 wks

PGB45090            (To start 04/01/01)            

If you are a supervisor in the hospitality and catering industry or working on self-employed basis in the industry, this course will be  particularly appropriate.



Hospitality 2000 - EMFEC 704

Contact the College for details  £150            17 wks

PGB45070            (To start 07/02/01)            

A practically based short course for individuals wishing to gain employment in the catering industry.



Wine & Spirit Education Trust

Basic Certificate

Monday            9.30am-11.30am            £85            8 wks

PGB45140            (To start 08/01/01)            

An introduction to the purchase, service and storage of alcoholic beverages.


  •         A range of recreational Wine Tasting courses are also available. 



Interior Design & Crafts


Interior Design – Paint Effects

Tuesday            6.30pm-8.30pm            £38            10 wks

RGA00020            (To start 16/01/2001)

This course introduces decorative projects to transform your home. Paint techniques and special effects will be used to create stylish interiors.



Monday            6.45pm-8.45pm            £38            10 wks

RGA00090            (To start 15/01/2001)

An opportunity to learn modern and traditional upholstery techniques. This is a practical class - bring along a project to the first class.





French Accelerated Beginners

OCN Level 1

Wednesday            12.00noon-2.00pm      £45     17 wks

PGA20180            (To start 31/01/01)            

German Accelerated Beginners

OCN Level 1

Wednesday            12.00noon-2.00pm      £45     17 wks

PGA20190            (To start 31/01/01)

Spanish Accelerated Beginners

OCN Level 1

Wednesday            12.00noon-2.00pm      £45     17 wks

PGA20170            (To start 31/01/01)            

This programme is designed for anybody who has a basic knowledge of either French, German or Spanish and who wishes to brush up their skills.





Literary Appreciation

Tuesday            6.30pm-8.30pm            £31            8 Wks

RGA00730            (To start 16/01/01)

In this course students will be given the opportunity to widen their awareness and enjoyment of literary matter. Students will also learn basic writing skills to cover poetry, script writing, reviews and short stories.





Mathematics - GCSE (Flexi)

Monday            6.30pm-9.00pm            £40            TBA

PGS85051            (To start 08/01/01)

If you wish you can study for GCSE Modular Mathematics using our flexible workshop approach.



Model Engineering


Practical Engineering

for Model Makers

Thursday            6.30pm-8.30pm            £38            10 wks

RGA00290            (To start 18/01/2001)

For anyone interested in Model Engineering this course provides an opportunity to develop machining and engineering skills.





Guitar for beginners

Tuesday            6.30pm-7.30pm            £19            10wks

RGA00780            (To start 16/01/2001)

Bring along your guitar and learn basic chords, use of capo and how to play from music.



Personal Development


Improve your Presentation Skills

Monday            6.30pm-8.00pm            £15            5 wks

RGA00530            (To start 15/01/2001)

Presentation skills are an advantage in many situations. This course will build your confidence and enable you to present your ideas to large or small groups. You will cover: voice, language and stance, matching subject and audience, planning and timing, body language and preparing for audience questions.



Assertiveness & Confidence Building

Monday            6.30pm-8.30pm            £15            5 wks

RGA00750            (To start 26/02/01)

This course is designed to improve your confidence and teaches how to deal with a variety of situations assertively.



Understanding Finance

Thursday            7.00pm-9.00 pm            £23            6 wks

RGA00740            (To start 18/01/01)

This course is aimed at non-financial managers, students pursuing a finance related course and members of the public who are interested in learning more about general finance and the stock market.




First Steps in Psychology

Monday            1.00pm-3.00pm            £35            10 wks

PGA30040            (To start 10/01/01)

First Steps provides a general introduction to psychological theory and research methods.



How Children Think & Learn

Wednesday            1.00pm-3.00pm            £35            17 wks

PGA30060            (To start 07/02/01)

How Children Think and Learn  provides a foundation course in developmental psychology over the first 11 years of childhood.



How Babies Learn to Talk

Wednesday            1.00pm-3.00pm            £35            17 wks

PGA30070            (To start 07/02/01)

Ever wondered how children progress from gurgles to recognisable speech? This foundation course in the psychology of language development should provide the answer, as well as covering related theory and its application.                 



Storm & Stress

Thursday            1.00pm-3.00pm            £35            17 wks

PGA30080            (To start 08/02/01)            

A short course examining the psychology of adolescence, adulthood and ageing.



Why do people behave the way they do?

Thursday            1.00pm-3.00pm            £35            17 wks

PGA30090            (To start 08/02/01)            

This foundation course examines both social and abnormal psychology.





Audio/Word processing - RSA

Wednesday            6.00pm-8.00pm            £54            18 wks

PGB50320            (To start 31/01/01)

Audio/Word Processing is a skill which is in considerable demand. If you already have an elementary typewriting/word processing certificate you may find this qualification a useful addition.



Word Processing - RSA

Tuesday            9.00am-11.00am            £54            18 wks

PGB50350            (To start 30/01/01)

This course provides a general introduction to the basic principles of Word Processing and enables progression to higher level qualifications.



Sport & Fitness


Badminton - Beginners and Improvers

Thursday            6.30pm-8.00pm            £29            10 wks

RGA00330            (To start 18/01/2001)

A chance for beginners to learn the basic strokes (backhand and forehand) as well as serving, scoring and tactics. This course also provides an opportunity for improvers to enhance their game.



Badminton - Improvers

Tuesday            8.00pm-9.30pm             £29            10 wks

RGA00350            (To start 16/01/2001)

This course will help to improve existing skills and extend the variety of strokes needed to play a more advanced game.


Badminton - Advanced

Monday            6.30pm-8.00pm             £29            10 wks

RGA00340            (To start 15/01/2001)

This class is for players of match play standard who would like the opportunity of further tuition and competitive play.



Golf - Improvers

Tuesday            6.30pm-7.30pm            £30            8 wks

RGA00430            (To start 16/01/2001)

Come along and get professional tuition, at Belton Woods Golf Club, as you practice on the driving range.



Men’s Keep Fit

Tuesday            6.00pm-8.00pm            £38            10 wks

RGA00410            (To start 16/01/2001)

Combine general keep fit with circuit training, five-a-side football and body workouts.



Women’s Keep Fit

Thursday            7.00pm-8.30pm            £29            10 wks

RGA00420            (To start 11/01/2001)

Run by a Keep Fit Association regional trainer, this class will set out to improve posture, balance, and aim at a full range of movement in all the joints. The course is run in a friendly atmosphere where keep fit is fun and individuals progress at their own rate.




Monday            8.00pm-9.30pm            £29            10wks

RGA00320            (To start 15/01/2001)

Come and try this popular new sport. A team game which resembles netball and American football where the ball is replaced by a flying disc.




Initial Certificate in

Teaching Basic Skills - C&G9282/3   

Thursday            1:00 pm- 3:00 pm             £62            10 wks

PGA25150            (To start 18/01/2001)

Are you interested in teaching Basic Skills? This course will equip you to plan deliver and evaluate teaching sessions for Basic Skills students.



Travel & Tourism


Travel & Tourism

Back to Work course

Wed, Thu & Fri             9:15am-3:00 pm             £20            20 wks

PGB55060            (To start 24/01/01)

The Back to Work Course is an intensive short course designed for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in Travel and Tourism.




Wine Appreciation


Introduction to Wine Appreciation

Tuesday            7.00pm-9.00pm            £31            8 wks

RGA00140            (To start 16/01/2001)

An introductory class covering wine tasting techniques and an insight into wines of the world. Bring a glass.



Located on the High Street in Grantham, the Infonet Centre provides flexible information technology training for individuals and businesses unable to attend regular classes. The centre operates on a drop-in basis and is ideal for anyone who needs to fit training around an already busy schedule. Courses offered include Computer Literacy and Information Technology, Information Business Technology 2, The European Computer Driving Licence, as well as introductions to the internet, Email and interactive packages. The centre also offers a selection of Learndirect programmes and modern languages are available on an open access basis at £2.50 per hour. For further details telephone 01476 569956.




Dine in style at the Witham Room Restaurant, situated on the top floor of the main College building.  We can offer you a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, an excellent reputation and great value. The Restaurant is open on selected days of the week. 


Lunch, with formal service: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 12.15 pm

Evening Dinner: Wednesday at 7.00 pm


Throughout the year we hold various themed evenings and our facilities are also available for private parties/functions. 

For bookings or further details contact The Witham Room Restaurant on 01476 400227.


Please note: Times and days are subject

to change. 




The Power Sport Health and Fitness centre at Grantham College offers a range of sporting facilities including a large sports hall,

squash court and a fitness suite containing a wide range of cardiovascular machines and weight equipment. 


The Fitness Suite is open:

Monday to Friday, 12.15 pm - 9.30 pm

Sunday, 9.30 am - 1.00 pm and 5.00 pm - 8.00 pm



Students £1.50 per 90 minute session

Public £2.40 per 90 minute session


Staff pride themselves upon giving a warm welcome and provide constant supervision at all times. Easy access is available for disabled users and staff are able to adapt most machines for use by clients of various abilities, although it is requested that you book in advance.


The sports hall is available for hire, and past functions have included concerts, exhibitions and craft shows.


For further information about the centre and its facilities please contact the Centre Manager on 01476 400292.




01476 400250


Spring Term:

Wednesday 3rd January to Friday 6th April

Half Term:

Monday 19th February to Friday 23rd February


Summer Term:

Monday 23rd April to Tuesday 3rd July

Half Term:

Monday 28th May to Friday 1st June

Public Holidays:

Monday 7th and Monday 28th May 2001



The cost for each course, wherever possible is all inclusive. However, for some courses, additional examination/registration fees may be payable at a later date in the course. You will be advised of any additional costs by your tutor.

Where course fees total no more than £100, they must be paid in full at enrolment. For fees over the £100, the College offers an installment service. Details are available upon request.

If your employer is paying your fees, you should support your enrolment with a letter from your employer or be able to give the full address, and the name of the person to be invoiced.



If you are in receipt of certain benefits, or of an appropriate age, you may be elligible for a substantial reduction in tuition fees.

For Recreational Courses, denoted by *, people aged 60 plus years, anyone under 18 years of age, and those in receipt of family credit, disability benefit, job seekers allowance or income support, pay half the listed fee.

For Vocational Courses, the following concessions apply;

Category Reduction
Council Tax Benefit - Unwaged dependants of anyone on Means-tested Benefit - Working Families Tax Credit - Housing Benefit - Disability Working Allowance - Income Support - Job Seekers Allowance 100%
Persons over 65 years of age - Persons over 16 years of age and under 19 years of age on 1st September 2000 for courses other than primary learning goal 50%
On certain courses where students pay their own fees in full at the time of enrolment 20%

To take advantage of these reduced fees, you will need to produce proof of entitlement when you enrol.


Refunds for recreational courses will not normally be given unless the College closes the class. In the case of vocational courses, any request for a refund must, in the first instance, be made in writing to the College Registrar. The date of withdrawal will be taken as the date on which the request is received by the College.


Information on courses on this site is correct at the time of preparation and may be subject to change. Days and times of classes should be confirmed on enrolment. In the case of the College having to cancel classes, responsibility is limited to the refund of fees for that academic year.


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