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In line with standardisation in the commercial environment, Infonet primarily offers Windows applications using the Windows NT operating system, in particular Microsoft Office 97 and Office 2000 and Microsoft Publisher.  Visitors to Infonet have full access to the Internet and will receive tutorial guidance in how to use search engines and the fundamentals of "surfing the net" via an interactive CD from the BBC called "WebWise" and the tutors in the centre.

How does the Workshop Operate ?

You decide on the nature of the training you require, the amount of time you can spare and when you can attend. Contact Infonet staff, tell them your needs and they will reserve your training sessions. At the first session the tutor will discuss your programme and guide you to the most appropriate learning materials to help you achieve your targets. Tuition is by self-paced learning materials with full tutorial support, all at an affordable price.

The table below outlines our main curriculum. We should emphasise that the training provided caters for all levels of skill. We are most happy to accommodate complete beginners and can now boast a success rate second to none. All we require from you is some determination to learn - we have the patience and skills to meet your needs.

Word Processing Microsoft Word 97
Microsoft Word 2000
Lotus WordPro
Spreadsheets Excel 97, Lotus 1-2-3 and Excel 2000
Databases Access 97 and Access 2000
Graphical Presentations

PowerPoint 97 and PowerPoint 200

Desktop Publishing Microsoft Publisher 97 and 2000
Internet Full access to the Internet

Full range of interactive on-line learning materials